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CoralCun Festivals 2023
Come to sing with choir

and Mariachi band
September 20th - 25th 2023
Cancun, Mexico

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+52 998 1239816

Logo 12 coralcun baja calidad.png

Participate with your choir or individually in:
- Mexican and Latin American music workshops
- Composition contest
- Master classes
- Conferences
- Excursions to Mayan archaeological sites
- Didactic concerts
- Gala concerts
- Be part of our Monumental choir accompanied by mariachi
and much more...

The beautiful Mexican Caribbean hosts the CoralCun International Festivals creating a multicultural space for choirs from all over the world to live, share, learn and show their music and traditions while having fun with the various experiences we have designed for you!


A 6-day agenda  that takes you by the hand on a magical journey where you will enjoy the incredible beaches of Cancun, the music of the emblematic Mariachi, ancient Mayan mystical sites, Mexican cuisine and the emotional concerts that make this experience something unique and unforgettable that will unite our voices in a friendship that will last a lifetime!

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Ancla 1

After 10 years of success, the best is yet to come

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Marcela Turubich
Directora Coro ACJ Centro
2017 y 2022

Coralcun is the best festival in which I have been able to participate. Its organizers are the best and make Coralcun an unforgettable experience at a musical and human level. Everything is taken care of to the last detail. Do not hesitate to come. We did it from Uruguay, and we plan to return !!!!! Do not miss it...

Musicantes de Caracas 2013 - Directora M

María Fernanda Pereda, Musicantes de Caracas


We arrived in Cancun and everything we imagine in terms of attention would exceed our expectations immensely. The organization, hosts, hotel, food, walks, workshops, concerts, recreation, all the details were carefully made. The teachers, the public, the Mariachis, everything, has been recorded in our memory as one of the most beautiful events in which I participated in the musical career.

Captura de pantalla 2018-11-02 a la(s) 0

Lucía Tapia


Coral Operístico Santiago 2013

Tempo di Voce 2019


It was undoubtedly a beautiful experience, sharing with choirs from different countries and cities, without a doubt the music unites inexplicably making us all sing from the same heart. The beautiful city, the hosts always attentive and a beautiful place. We hope to participate again soon.

Claudia Villanueva.png

Claudia Villanueva


Coro polifónico de Tocancipá, Colombia

A wonderful, charming Festival, excellent organization, its human quality and attention to the choirs is top notch; Everything lived in CoralCun represents an immense joy for the choir, we share, learn, sing and have fun to the fullest ... I would return many times to this festival.


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